Wave Basin = Ocean Sounds

In creating a peaceful community like Coral Mountain, it is imperative to take noise levels into consideration. To help our residents and invited guests relax and recharge, and in consideration of our neighbors in adjacent developments, Coral Mountain has taken all steps necessary to create a quiet operation. For those within the walls of our project, sounds from the centerpiece Wave Basin will be like gentle waves rolling ashore at the beach; our neighbors will remain undisturbed. We also postponed special events at the Wave Basin for two years so we can gauge the actual noise levels from operations and ensure we are not disturbing the residents of La Quinta.

The primary sound coming from the Wave Basin at Coral Mountain will be that of moving water.

Multiple studies performed by noise experts for the City’s Environmental Impact Report confirm that the project meets all City of La Quinta requirements and proves noise impacts are less than significant.

Speakers will NOT be used to broadcast music across the Wave Basin, only for required announcements.

38 small, directional speakers placed at 40-foot intervals will announce each wave and be located near the surfers to limit the volume level.

The level of noise at the closest boundary on the 400-acre property is equal to that of a normal conversation.

No reverberation or reflection of noise will occur from the Wave Basin off the Coral Mountain topographic features, per the noise analyses.

Noise from the Wave Basin, including moving water and any safety announcements, will be inaudible to the human ear for any homeowners in surrounding neighborhoods of Andalusia, the Quarry, or Trilogy.

Updated noise measurements were taken at the Kelly Slater Wave Company Surf Ranch facility in Lemoore, California, to gauge the results of improvements to equipment used to generate the wave. Noise levels at Coral Mountain were reduced because of these improvements.

Studies and Documents

Noise Study (June 2021)

Noise Memorandum (June 2021)

Specific Plan (Sept. 2022)

Legal Memo with Noise Analysis, page 147 (Aug. 22, 2022)


Noise is one of the “topical issues” studied in the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Technical Appendices. Noise studies are performed according to established industry protocols with specifications for measurement and interpretation.

Actual noise data was collected specifically for the EIR from operations at the Kelly Slater Wave Company Surf Ranch facility in Lemoore, California. The technology there is similar to what will be used at Coral Mountain but is considered conservative in some respects because advancements in design are planned for Coral Mountain.

The collected Lemoore data was entered into an accredited computer model that considers local site conditions, including landform composition (rock, earth, landscaped, etc.) and topography.

During the Final EIR preparation, updated noise measurements were taken at Lemoore to gauge the results of upgrades and improvements in the equipment used to generate the Wave. Noise levels were reduced due to these improvements, although operational noise levels were already within acceptable levels under the City’s noise criteria.

Noise is mitigated below thresholds of significance per the noise criteria. And notably, there is no reverberation or reflection of noise from the Wave Basin off the Coral Mountain topographic features, per the noise analysis.

Conclusion: Noise generated by the project is below significant levels per the City’s General Plan standards and Municipal Code noise regulations.

The existing Wave Basin operation in Lemoore, California, utilizes a speaker system to make periodic safety announcements, and this function was included in the noise analysis for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Measurements of the announcements from this speaker were taken and used as the basis for modeling the noise level of announcements at Coral Mountain. However, at Coral Mountain, two significant design changes have been made to further reduce announcement-related noise. First, the tower that the speaker is affixed to has been eliminated. Second, all speakers are now at the same level as the Wave Basin and there are none in the “End Bays” at either end. The speakers point to the east, away from the direction of the Coral Mountain.

Noise was below thresholds of significance with all operational considerations. Regardless, Coral Mountain continues to explore means of improving the operating characteristics, which could include limiting or avoiding the use of public safety announcements. This is to the benefit of all parties, including our residents and guests. Finally, speakers will NOT be used to project music across the Wave Basin.

Coral Mountain will postpone special events for the first two years after the Wave Basin opens. This will allow data to be collected for actual Wave Basin operations, including noise, so the information can be provided to the City as part of the discretionary review application that is required before any permits are issued.