The creation of Coral Mountain resort presents an opportunity to improve an undeveloped area of La Quinta through re-envisioning an approved project in a responsible manner. The environmentally thoughtful project will generate significant lifestyle and economic advantages.

List of Benefits

The addition of 600 homes will bring nearly 1,600 new residents to the city who will dine and shop at local establishments on the grounds and across the community, according to the draft Environmental Impact Report

The hotel will bring additional Transient Occupancy Tax revenue and the restaurant, bar and retail establishments will provide much-needed services for the area, create jobs, and contribute additional sales tax money to the City of La Quinta.

Coral Mountain is proactively addressing a crisis in power capacity at Imperial Irrigation District’s Avenue 58 substation by agreeing to front the cost of certain improvements at the Avenue 58 substation. This will result in excess capacity that exceeds Coral Mountain’s power needs by 75% and solves the capacity problem that threatens future development and system reliability for existing users.

To benefit water conservation efforts in response to the drought, Coral Mountain is sponsoring a matching grant with the CVWD for the elimination of turf in the community. Over the life of the program, Coral Mountain’s financial commitment will eliminate 2 million square feet of grass and save almost 76 million gallons of drinking water annually that is currently being pumped from the aquifer. This is an equivalent to a 250% offset of the water used by the Wave Basin annually, which by the way is not drinking water quality. This program will begin two years before the Wave Basin is constructed getting a major jump on conservation efforts.

Coral Mountain will donate at least 1,000 surfer hours per year for use by non-profits for fundraising activities and/or an annual surf camp program. In the interest of providing beyond the border of the development, the Coral Mountain Surf Foundation will contribute a new ¼ percent transfer fee on re-sale of all homes within the project to support health and social programs in La Quinta and the East Valley.

The project design preserves the natural aesthetic qualities of the site. Multipurpose trails and sidewalks throughout Coral Mountain resort encourage residents and visitors to leave their cars behind when moving about the property.

Open spaces and conservation areas will be spread throughout the community, and a robust green energy program is planned to implement sustainability principles in the project execution.

Landscaping and infrastructure improvements will enhance stormwater management in the area and reduce flooding risks, a significant public benefit to the surrounding neighborhoods. Landscaping and public improvements along Avenues 58 and 60 and Madison Street will be completed within the early phases of the project.