Noise is one of the “topical issues” studied in the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Technical Appendices. The City imposes requirements for the conduct of noise studies based on its General Plan Noise Element and applicable Municipal Code ordinances. Noise studies are performed according to established industry protocols with specifications for measurement and interpretation.

A noise study was prepared using “real world” measurement data collected specifically for the EIR from operations at the Kelly Slater Wave Company Surf Ranch facility in Lemoore, California, which has been operating for eight years. The technology there is similar to what will be used at Coral Mountain.

The collected Lemoore data was entered into an accredited computer model that considers local site conditions, including landform composition (rock, earth, landscaped, etc.) and topography.

During preparation of the Final EIR, updated noise measurements were taken at Lemoore to gauge the results of upgrades and improvements in the equipment used to generate the Wave. Noise levels were reduced as a result of these improvements, although operational noise levels were already within acceptable levels under the City’s noise criteria.

Noise is mitigated below thresholds of significance per the noise criteria. And notably, there is no appreciable reverberation or reflection of noise from the Wave Basin off the Coral Mountain topographic features.