Proper administration of a short-term vacation rental program begins early in the planning process. The pillars of a successful program are:

  • City regulatory structure. Determining the terms and conditions of allowing short-term vacation rentals before development occurs. The units will be subject to a Development Agreement and City ordinances as stipulated in the Municipal Code.
  • Suitable residential architectural design. Homes that encourage rental by physical design suited to short-term use.
  • DRE registration documents. Addressing short-term rentals in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for the community that are reviewed and approved by the State of California Department of Real Estate and the City of La Quinta.
  • Sales disclosures. Providing disclosures that must be agreed to by all homebuyers, acknowledging that the community allows short-term rentals.
  • Management. Intensive onsite management of the STVR program, streamlining the reservation system, transient occupancy tax (TOT) collection, and enforcement of rules.