With public hearings approaching early next year, we felt it important to re-energize outreach efforts with our new Facebook page which can be accessed at this link:


As the Coral Mountain development progresses through the approval process, we are committed to transparency and open communication.  The City’s exhaustive Final EIR, pending publication, confirms less-than-significant environmental impacts.

Since the start of this process, it has been disappointing to see the hyperbole and many mischaracterizations being spread in the community and on social media in an attempt to taint public perceptions of the project. Though there has been an ongoing, open dialogue with neighbors and community stakeholders through meetings, website updates and emails, this deceptive narrative persists.

Our objective is to continue to inform and engage the community in a meaningful way. Therefore, we are initiating a series of e-blasts in which different project topics will be addressed each week.  We encourage healthy discourse and hope facts about the development and our plans will be shared by objective residents with others.

You can also support the project by:

We have always supported and will continue to support a fair and open process, demonstrating the same level of integrity we’ve shown throughout the project.

Thank you,

Update: In consulting with the City, The Temporary Use Permit process should be clarified.  While the TUP files are public, the review and decision occur at the staff level, without an advertised public hearing.  The Planning Director is empowered to decide if conditions shall be imposed on the permit.
In addition to the links provided previously with the eblast, we suggest that interested parties review Chapter 9.200 – GENERAL PERMITTING PROCEDURES of the Municipal Code, and in particular Section 9.200.020 regarding Temporary Use Permits, to provide optimal clarity regarding the process.